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Purpose is the largest online marketplace in Sweden. The Connector allows SeoTools users to search and collect statistics about available items based on different parameters.

Search Results

Collects a list of all items matching your search criteria.

Available metrics:

  • Title
  • Posted
  • Price
  • Category
  • Location
  • Link
  • Info

Available filters:

  • Search Query
  • Category
  • Region (Specific region in Sweden)
  • Type (Selling|Buying|Exchanging)

Number of Matches - Returns the aggregate number of matches instead of individual items. Offers the same filters as above.

Item Lookup

Returns information about a specific item. Works great in Formula mode to get details about the items returned from the Search Results.

Available metrics:

  • Seller
  • Text
  • Image


Add from Manager

The Connector is available in the Connectors Manager in the top ribbon:
Manager position in main ribbon

Head over to the Products & Review Category and install
Connector category in Manager window


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


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