Access Imgur in Excel

Data results output in Excel


  • Lookup - Get standard user information.


  • From Account - Get all the albums associated with an account.
  • Lookup - Get additional information about an album.


  • From Account - Get the comments a user has created.
  • From Account Total - Get a count of all comments a user has created.
  • Lookup - Get information about a specific comment.
  • Search - Search the gallery with a given query string.


  • From Album - Get all the images in an album.
  • Lookup - Get information about a specific image.

Add from Manager

The Imgur Connector is available in the Connectors Manager in the top ribbon:
Manager position in main ribbon

Head over to the Social Category and install IMDB:
Connector category in Manager window

Client Id

To use the Imgur Connector you need a Client Id.

  1. Sign up for an account if you don't have one.

  2. Register an application. Enter an appropriate name, description and any URL in the callback field.

  3. Copy the Client Id and enter it in the Imgur Connector Settings.


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


Official Documentation


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