Access Facebook Insights in Excel

Data results output in Excel

Page Data

  • Page Metrics - Detailed daily statistics about a page.
  • Post Impressions - Impressions-related statistics generated by the Posts from your Page.
  • Impressions by Age/Gender - Impressions broken down demographics.
  • Stats by Location/Language - Available dimensions:
    • Fans by Country
    • Fans by City
    • Fans by Locale
    • Unique impressions by Country
    • Unique impressions by City
    • Unique impressions by Locale

Post Data

  • Posts from Page Feed - Posts (either Feed or Posts by the page) posted on a specific page during a period.
  • Posts by visitors - Returns posts from visitors.
  • Posts Lookup - Detailed metadata about a specific post.
  • Comments to Posts - Get comments to one or more posts.
  • Likes to Posts - Get the likes for a specific post.

Video Data

  • Daily Views - Video-related statistics about one of your Videos broken down by day.
  • Lookup - Statistics about one of your Videos.
  • Retention Rate - The retention rate broken down by intervals.


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