Manage Connectors

Manager library categories


The Connectors Manager, first introduced in SeoTools 8.0, lets you take control and tailor SeoTools according to your favorite services and areas of expertise. The connectors are organized in categories as well as searchable.

The Manager is available in the SeoTools main ribbon:

Manager position in main ribbon

  • Add new Connectors - No need to wait for the next release. When a new service is integrated in SeoTools, it is automatically included in the manager.

How to add new connectors

  • Update Existing Connectors - We continuously make improvements and update the connectors when the API:s change or when we get awesome suggestions via our UserVoice

How to update connectors

  • Remove Connectors - Remove unused Connectors to streamline SeoTools. Perfect when your colleagues are using SeoTools for specific business purposes. If you need them in the future, they are available in the Connectors Manager.

How to remove connectors


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