Access MailChimp in Excel

Data results output in Excel


  • List - Get all campaigns in an account. Available Filters:
    • Type (Regular, Plaintext, RSS etc)
    • Status (Saved, Paused, Scheduled etc)
    • Date Interval
  • Statistics - Get detailed campaign reports.
    • Filter by Type and Date intervals.
  • Domain Performance - Get statistics for the top-performing domains from a campaign.
  • Clicked Links - Get detailed information about links clicked in campaigns.
  • Clicked Link Members - Get information about list members who clicked on a specific link in a campaign.
  • Abuse Complaints - Get a list of abuse complaints for a specific campaign.
  • Opens - Get detailed information about any campaign emails that were opened by a list member.
  • Top Locations - Get top open locations for a specific campaign.
  • Unsubscribes - Get information about list members who unsubscribed from a specific campaign.
  • Search - Search all campaigns for the specified query terms.
  • Member Activity - Get a list of member's subscriber activity in a specific campaign.


  • List - Get a summary of an account's Automations.
  • Email Summary - Get a summary of the emails in an Automation workflow.


  • List - Get information about all lists in the account.
    • Filter by Date Interval
  • Members - Get information about members in a specific Mailchimp list.
    • Filter by Status, Opted-in interval and VIP status.
  • Recent Activity - Get up to the previous 180 days of daily detailed aggregated activity stats for a list
  • Clients - Get a list of the top email clients based on user-agent strings.
  • Locations - Get the locations (countries) that the list’s subscribers have been tagged to based on geocoding their IP address.
  • Abuse Complaints - Get all abuse reports for a specific list.
  • Growth History - Get a month-by-month summary of a specific list’s growth activity.
  • Segments - Get information about all available segments for a specific list.


  • Search - Search for list members. This search can be restricted to a specific list, or can be used to search across all lists in an account. Available options:
    • Match Type (partial or exact)


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


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