SeoTools licenses are currently sold for 129EUR on a per machine per year basis. See table below for discount rates.


Can I get a trial?

Yes! Request a 14-day trial key.

Can I get a bulk discount?

Absolutely, licenses gets cheaper the more you buy. For example, 20% discount for two licenses, 25% discount for five licenses and so on:
License price table

Do I get access to future releases?

Yes, you can use your Pro license with any release during the year.

Is this a recurring subscription?

No, you decide next year if you want to renew.

Does it work on Mac?

SeoTools doesn’t work on Mac or Linux, Google Docs or OpenOffice. Just plain old Excel & Windows.

After registering, can I move a license to another computer?

Yes this is possible, either by unregistering in the SeoTools "Pro" menu or you can manage your activations in our portal. Each license can be unregistered and activated on a different computer ten times.

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