Recommended Method

The Installer method allows users to access SeoTools every time Excel is launched.

Folder Contents of the downloaded files

The Installer automatically identifies the correct version to install (32 or 64 bit) . Just follow the instructions and you are on you way:

Installation steps


The Installer also handles upgrades from earlier versions. Use the Keep previous version settings option to begin where you left off:

Upgrading Seotools for Excel


If you don't want SeoTools for Excel permanently installed, you can activate the plugin manually until Excel is closed. Make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft .Net Framework installed

  1. Extract the SeoTools_for_Excel32bit zip file if Excel 32-bit is installed on your computer. (or SeoTools_for_Excel64bit if Excel 64-bit is installed). If you don't know, use this guide to find out which version of Excel you have.Drag and drop method

  2. Go to the location with the extracted content and "Drag-and-drop" SeoTools[32/64].xll file on an open spreadsheet in Excel:Drag and drop file (for older versions than SeoTools 6.0: "Drag-and-drop SeoTools[32/64].dll

  3. You now get a security message. Click the button to the left that says “Enable this add-in for this session only.”. Enable add-in option

Remember, you must perform these steps every time you open an Excel document where your want to use the SeoTools.


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