Access Serpstat in Excel

Data results output in Excel

Domain Features

  • Domain Keywords - Shows keywords a domain ranks for in Google top 100 search results. Filter by:
    • URL
    • Included Keywords & Excluded Keywords
    • Query Count Interval Domain Keywords example
  • Domain Unique Keywords - Shows unique keywords of a domain. Keywords that queried domain has in common with another domain are removed from the list.
  • Domain Competitors - Lists domain’s competitors in top 20 Google search results.
  • Domain History - Provides you with the historical data on a domain’s number of keywords and visibility.
  • Domain Summary - Provides you with the number of keywords domain uses in SEO and PPC, shows its online visibility and other metrics.
  • Domain Common Keywords - Shows common keywords of up to 3 domains. Domain Common Keywords example

Keyword Features

  • Keyword Advertising Report - Shows you ads copies that pop up for the queried keyword in Google paid search results.

    • Filter by Query Count Interval Filter by query interval
  • Keyword Autocompletes - Lists autocomplete suggestions for the keyword you requested.

  • Keyword Summary - Provides you with the keyword overview showing its volume, CPC and level of competition.
  • Keyword Top Search Results - Shows you Google top 100 organic search results for the keyword you requested.
  • Keywords From Phrase - Uses a full text search to find all keywords that match the queried term. For every keyword found you’ll see its volume, CPC and level of competition.
    • Filter by Query Count Interval
  • Keywords Related - Gives you a comprehensive list of related keywords whose SERP is similar to the one the requested keyword has.
    • Filter by Minimum Connection Strength Filter by minimum connection strength

URL Features

  • URL Competitors - Shows the list of URLs that compete with a queried URL in organic search.
  • URL Keywords - Lists keywords that URL ranks for in Google search results.
  • URL Missing Competitors Keywords - Shows a list of keywords that competitors' URLs rank for in top-10 but that are missing from the queried page. Missing competitors keywords
  • URL:s Within Domain - Returns the list of URLs within the analyzed domain. Also shows the number of keywords from top-100 for each URL.

Search Engines

The Following Engines are available from the Serpstat API:

  • Google USA
  • Google Great Britain
  • Google Australia
  • Google Russia
  • Google Canada
  • Google Bulgaria
  • Google Ukraine
  • Google South Africa
  • Google Lithuania
  • Google Latvia
  • Google Belarus
  • Google Kazakhstan
  • Yandex Moscow
  • Yandex Saint Petersburg
  • Yandex Ukraine

Access Token

To use the Serpstat connector you need an Access token which is available for Serpstat Users with at least Plan B Subscription Plan.

14-day free trial promo code (Enter code after free registration):

  1. Go to your Profile page and click the “Generate token” button: Generete token

  2. Copy the generated Access Token and use it with SeoTools for Excel.


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


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