=DumpTo({object vector},Destination, [transpose=FALSE]) : object

Results from function inside Excel


Macro function that takes an array output of another function and Dumps it on to another part of the spreadsheet. This makes it very convenient because you can have one "source" sheet with =DumpTo formulas and another sheets which feeds the data outputs from the source sheet.

New Range

The array that is being dumped to another range is "free" from the original formula dependency.


Because the original formula is located elsewhere, you are allowed to modify the contents safely without having the original formula recreating the output. This also means you can work with arrays while applying filters, a combination which traditionally leads to Excel crashing.
Editing Example of DumpTo

Original cell

DumpTo() adds information in the original formula cell to make it easier to maintain an effective structure and remember the references and data sources.

Original cell example In the example above, we've used the Instagram and Twitter Connector to extract recent posts. The output is dumped to another sheet.



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