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Select Site

The features in the connector works for all sites in the Stack Exchange network. By default, Stack Overflow is chosen. To change site, either change the text manually, via formula, or click Select and chose from a list of all available sites:
How to select a site


  • Search Advanced - Searches a site for any questions which fit the given criteria:
    • Contains (fields: body OR title)
    • Contains URL
    • Asked by specific User
    • Status filter (accepted answer OR question status)
    • Limits (min answers OR min views)
    • Date intervals
  • From Answers - Returns the questions that answers identified by ids are on.
  • Lookup - Returns the questions identified in ids.
  • Search Similar - Returns questions which are similar to a hypothetical one based on title.
  • Linked to Questions - Gets questions which link to those questions identified in ids.
  • Related - Returns questions that the site considers related to those identified in ids.
  • Featured - Returns all the questions with active bounties in the system.
  • From Users - Gets the questions asked by the users in ids.
  • From Me - Returns the questions owned by the current user.


  • Lookup - Gets the set of answers identified by ids.
  • To Questions - Gets the answers to a set of questions identified in id.
  • From Users - Returns the answers the users in ids have posted.
  • From Me - Returns the answers owned by the current user.


  • List - Returns the tags found on a site.
  • Users Activity - Returns the tags the users identified in ids have been active in.
  • My Activity - Returns the tags the current user have been active in.


  • Lookup - Gets the users identified in ids.


  • To Posts - Gets the comments on the posts identified in ids, regardless of the type of the posts.
  • From Users - Get the comments posted by users in ids.
  • From Me - Get the comments posted by the current user.
  • Mentions Users - Gets all the comments that the users in ids were mentioned in.
  • Mentions Me - Gets all the comments that mentions the current user.


  • Users Changes - Gets a subset of the reputation changes for users in ids.
  • My Changes - Returns the reputation changed for the current user.


Add from Manager

The Stack Exchange Connector is available in the Connectors Manager in the top ribbon:
Manager position in main ribbon

Head over to the Knowledge Category and install Stack Exchange:
Connector category in Manager window


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


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