=CheckBacklink(string pageUrl, string expectedLinkHref,
string expectedLinkText (optional),
bool checkNofollow (optional)) : string

Results from function inside Excel


Verifies that a backlink is present on a page with the correct link text and that there’s no rel=nofollow.

This is a very useful function when validating that links you have "acquired" are still present.

If the link text is not found, the BackLink Checker will suggest other texts found on the page (see example above).


"","An awesome page",TRUE)

In the example we verify that there’s a link to on with the anchorText “An awesome page” and that this link is not rel=nofollow.

expectedLinkHref and expectedLinkText supports wildcards:


In this example we check if there's any link to * (where * can be anything) that's has a link text that starts with "Suggestion" on

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