Access DataForSEO in Excel

Data results output in Excel


  • Results - Receive SERP (Top 100) results of specified search engines according to a certain keyword. Supports both organic and paid results.
  • Relevant Pages - Get SERP metrics for the relevant website pages based on a specific location.
  • Subdomains - Get SERP data for subdomains of a website based on a specific location.


  • Search Volume - Receive search statistics for one or more keywords.
  • Search Volume Monthly - Receive search volume trends for the last year.
  • Keywords for Domain - Receive keyword statistics for one domain.
  • Keyword Categories - Receive keyword for one product category.
  • Ads Traffic for Keywords - Receive Ads stats for daily impressions, CPC and clicks estimation.
  • Ads Traffic by Platforms - Receive Ads stats based on one platform.
  • Related Keywords - Get keywords that are related to a keyword you are going to provide.
  • Similar Keywords - Receive similar terms for a keyword.
  • Ranked Keywords - Get keywords for which a website is ranked.


Add from Manager

The DataForSEO Connector is available in the Connectors Manager in the top ribbon:
Manager position in main ribbon

Head over to the SEO Category and install DataForSEO:
Connector category in Manager window

API Access

To use the Connector you need a DataForSEO account. Enter your email and password in the Settings window in the connector taskpane:


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


Official Documentation


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