Access eBay in Excel

Data results output in Excel


  • Find Items by Keyword - Search for items matching a specific query.
  • Find Items by Seller - Search for items matching a specific seller by name.
  • Find Completed Items - Search for completed items matching a specific query.
  • Status - Lookup statistics of a specific item.

Available options for Item functions:

  • Filters:
    • Seller
    • Exclude Seller
    • Condition
    • Min Price
    • Max Price
    • Min Feedback Score
    • Auctions Only
    • Free Shipping Only
  • Sorting
    • Best Match
    • Fewest Bids
    • Most Bids
    • Current Highest Price
    • Soonest End TIme
    • Highest Price+Shipping
    • Lowest Price+Shipping
    • Newest Start Time
  • eBay Site
  • Currency

User Profiles

Returns information about specific users and their feedback scores.

Keywords Recommendations

Checks specified keywords and returns correctly spelled keywords for best search results.


Add from Manager

The eBay Connector is available in the Connectors Manager in the top ribbon:
Manager position in main ribbon

Head over to the Products & Review Sites Category
and install eBay: Connector category in Manager window

Get API keys

To use the Connector you need an eBay Developer account.

  1. Go to the eBay Developer Network and register an account.

  2. Next, login to the Portal and copy the App id located under Application Keys and Production.


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


Official Documentation

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