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A lot of functions in SeoTools retrieves information from a webpage (or other sources from the internet) that are marked as cached. This mean that, during a session, SeoTools will only try to fetch a page once and all functions that are cached can reuse the fetched page.

For example lets say you want to get both H1 and H2 from a page. You use =HtmlH1("") and then =HtmlH2(""). When SeoTools fetches the page to get the H1 the cache is empty so is fetched. But when we get the H2 we have in cache and SeoTools uses what stored in memory instead.

Clear Cache

You can empty the cache by selecting About in the SeoTools tab and click on Clear Cache.

How to clear cache and cookies

You can also use the function =SeoToolsClearCache() to quickly clear the cache.

Clear all pages from (use '*' as wildcard):


From VBA:

List Cache

The function =SeoToolsListCache() returns a list of all cached URLs. Wrap it in the =Dump() function to return the entire list. Works the same with optional wildcard argument for URL:



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