Access Google Sheets in Excel

Data results output in Excel

Get Range

Allows you fetch a range from Google Sheets and add it to the active sheet in Excel.

Send Range

Allows you to send a range from Excel and add it to a specific cell in Google Sheets. You must supply the Excel source range with brackets [] to make Seotools understand what range to chose: [A1:B2]. In Formula Mode, you can use direct cell references:


Google Sheets Ranges

When supplying a range in Google Sheets, include the sheet name followed by the range, separated with an exclamation mark: SheetName!A1:B10


To use the Connector you need an account connected to Google.

  1. The Connector is located under the SeoTools main ribbon. Click on 'Sign in with Google':
    Login to your account

  2. Select your preferred account and click on Allow
    Allow your account


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


Official Documentation


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