Access Copyscape in Excel


The Copyscape Connector allows you to check for copies of a text based on either Webpages or Texts.


After Copyscape has checked an input, you can have the findings presented in two ways:

  • Results (table)
  • Counts (integer)

Results gives you a complete list of all possible duplicates along with various metadata (see below). Counts gives you the number of possible duplicates. This is perfect when you use formula mode and you can parse a list of texts or webpages (see example GIF).

Results metrics:

  • URL - URL of found page
  • Title - Title of the found web page
  • Snippet - Text snippet showing some of the matching text
  • MinWordsMatched - Minimum number of words matching
  • ViewUrl - Minimum number of words matching


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Add from Manager

The Copyscape Connector is available in the Connectors Manager in the top ribbon:

Head over to the Plagiarism Checkers Category and install Uservoice:


To use the Connector you need an API Key which is available in the Premium API Section.

In the Copyscape Connector taskpane, click on Settings and paste your username and API key in the respective field:


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


Official Documentation

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