Access Google Custom Search in Excel

Google Custom Search enables you to create a search engine for your website, your blog, or a collection of websites.


  • Link
  • Display Link
  • Title
  • Snippet
  • Meta Tags


Add from Manager

The Google Custom Search Connector is available in the Connectors Manager in the top ribbon:

Head over to the SEO Category and install:

Creating an Engine

The easiest way to get started with Custom Search is to create a basic search engine using the Control Panel.

  1. Click "Add" if you don't have a previously created engine:
  2. Specify your preferences such as sites to search, language etc. You can add any of the following sites:
    • Individual pages:
    • Entire site:
    • Parts of site:
    • Entire domain: *
  3. Click "Control Panel". On the next page, click "Search Engine Id". Copy the Id and paste in the Connectors Settings:
  4. Next, visit this page, scroll down and click on "GET A KEY" button:
  5. Select your project from the drop-down menu. Click next and copy the key after it is created:
  6. Finally, copy the key and paste it in the Connector settings:


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


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