Access ActiveCampaign in Excel

Data results output in Excel


Automations allow you to automate marketing communications to your contacts.


Campaigns are broadcast emails sent out to a list of contacts.

  • List - List all campaigns
  • Links - Retrieve links associated to campaign


Every campaign sent via ActiveCampaign is required to have a physical mailing address associated with it.


Contacts are the center of activity in ActiveCampaign and represent the people that the owner of an ActiveCampaign account is marketing to or selling to.

  • List - List all contacts
  • Automations - List all automations the contact is in


List all messages.


Forms are used to gather new contacts for an ActiveCampaign account.


A list is a group of contacts that campaigns can be sent to.


Segments are targeted groups of contacts that meet specified criteria.

Whitelisted Domains

List of all whitelisted site tracking domains.


Tags are labels that you can apply to contacts to help you organize them.


Users are the users who log in and use ActiveCampaign for their business.

  • List - List all existing users
  • Lookup - Retrieve an existing user by looking up email, username or ID.


Add from Manager

The ActiveCampaign Connector is available in the Connectors Manager in the top ribbon:
Manager position in main ribbon

Head over to the Email Category and install ActiveCampaign:
Connector category in Manager window

API key & Base URL

To use the ActiveCampaign Connector you need an API Key which is located in your account on the Settings page under the "Developer" tab.

The Base URL is specific to your account and is generally in the form

Copy the API key and Base URL and paste in the respective fields in the ActiveCampaign task-pane inside Seotools:Paste credentials to Excel


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


Official Documentation

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