We hope everyone is safe and healthy in these crazy times. If you are forced to stay inside and spends hours in Excel, perhaps this update can make your day-to-day stuff a bit easier.

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New features in new release

New Connectors

Oauth refresh tokens

The authentication flow has been improved so you will only need to login once and SeoTools will keep you logged in to the service next time you request data. Updated connectors: Facebook, Facebook Insights, Facebook Ads, Instagram Insights, Mailchimp, Spotify, Twitch, Ebay.

We also added login support for many connectors which previously required API keys and developer accounts: Slack, GitHub, Bitly, Dropbox, Hubspot, Tumblr, Vimeo.

Updated Connectors

  • SEMRush - Added Backlinks Overview to get summary statistics such as total number of backlinks.
  • Facebook Ads - Added all Action stats.
  • Google Suggest - Option to get YouTube auto-suggestions.
  • SE Ranking - Many new endpoints and fields, including backlinks and audit results.
  • Bitly - Returns clicks over time and clicks per country.
  • Instagram Scraper - Added many new views, search options and metrics.

New functions

Updated Functions

  • GetTextOnUrl - Optional InnerText argument to strip HTML tags and scripts.
  • FindOnPage - LinkedinAccount now identifies both accounts from users and company pages.

New features & Improvements

  • Converter - > Converts formulas to values in either worksheet or range. Also removes the "red comment triangles" from Dump() formulas.

  • Drag-and-drop fields in connector task-pane and Spider. Also possible to re-order the fields in connector formulas directly.

  • Improved Status-bar for all formulas to show requests in queue. Show/hide the status-bar from the HttpSettings menu.

  • Preset headers menu in HttpSettings. Select from a list of popular user-agents.

  • Connector syntax check for text inputs with helptext. Avoids invalid requests which saves API requests and avoids rate limits. For example, Facebook post id must be nnnn_nnnn and SeoTools checks this syntax using regular expressions ^\d+_\d+$.

Dowload the latest version!

We hope you enjoy this release!
/Victor & Niels