Access Instagram Graph in Excel

The Instagram Graph API allows you to access Instagram Business Accounts so you can more easily analyze media objects, view comments and metadata, and get insights and metrics.

Account Insights

  • Date Range - Insights data for a specific date range.
    • Impressions
    • Reach
    • Profile Views
    • Followers
    • Email Contacts
    • Get Direction Clicks
    • Phone Call Clicks
    • Text Message Clicks
    • Website Clicks
  • Followers by City - The cities of the Business Account's followers.
  • Followers by Country - The countries of the Business Account's followers.
  • Followers by Gender/Age - The gender and age distribution of the Business Account's followers.
  • Followers by Locale - The locales by country codes of the Business Account's followers.

Media Insights

  • Posts - Returns recent posts with basic metadata from a Business Accounts. Use this list as a source for the Media Insights listed below.
  • Insights - Allows you to get all insights for individual media objects.

Business Discovery

  • Account - Allow you to get basic metadata about other Instagram Business Accounts.
  • Media - Allow you to get basic metadata about other Media created by other Instagram Business Accounts.


Allows you to get all child media objects in an album carousel.


Allows you to get comments for an individual media object.


To use the Connector you need a Facebook Account with access to one or more Pages with connected Instagram Business Accounts.

Generate Access Token

A. The easy way

Token valid for 30 minutes. Request a User Access Token from the Facebook Graph API Explorer.

  1. Go to the Explorer and click on "Get Token" button in the upper right corner followed by "Get User Access Token"

  2. Next, you need to request permissions. In order to take full advantage of the Instagram Graph Connector, request the following:

  3. Click "Get Access Token" and click accept in the windows that opens.

  4. Copy the generated Access Token.

  5. Enter in in the Settings menu inside the Instagram Graph Connector.

B. Create Long-lived Token.

This method requires you to create a Facebook app and is a bit more complicated. However, the reward is well worth it because the Token is valid for 60 days. There are many guides detailing the steps, for example here.


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


Official Documentation

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