Missing a Connector?

Preview of connector library

We are constantly adding new services and data streams to the SeoTools Connectors library. If a Connector is missing, we recommend trying one of the following three methods:

a) Create it yourself

Creating your own Connector is quite simple. The ones that are shipped with SeoTools are all open-sourced on GitHub. The Connectors are created with an easy-to-use XML language (we're working on a guide that we'll release shortly). If you need any help we'll be happy to support you in the SeoTools Community.

b) Uservoice

We welcome all suggestions and feedback on our UserVoice site in order improve and add Connectors.

c) Contact us for consultancy services

Need a custom-made Connector to fit your business needs? Do you wish to automate your existing workflows with VBA scripts? Send an email to victor@seotoolsforexcel.com and tell us about your current situation and requests.

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