We've been working on SeoTools 6.0 for quite a while and there's a lot of new updates. This is probably the largest update we've ever released!

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How SeoTools appears in Excel

Async and Caching

MAJOR UPDATE: Most functions incl. Connectors are now asynchronous meaning that they can be stopped and can run in parallell (if the external data source permits it) and won't make it seem like Excel freezes. This translates into a HUGE boost in user experience because of multi-tasking capabilities and significantly faster calculations!

For this we also built a new cache. So hopefully no more OutOfMemoryExceptions when working with loads of data. The cache offloads onto disc and is deleted when you close Excel. 

Loads of new Connectors

I have a new partner named Victor Sandberg (@diskborste in the Community) that's going to be focusing on building Connectors, and he's already been busy working with this release: 

New Connectors:

Updated connectors:

New Functions

WhoIs Settings

We have created loads of TLD WhoIs settings.

We now parse the following TLDs: ac, ae, ag, am, as, at, au, be, bg, biz, br, by, ca, cc, ch, cl, cn, co, com, coop, cr, cx, cz, de, dk, ee, fi, fm, fr, gov, hk, hr, hu, id, ie, il, in, info, ir, is, it, jp, kr, kz, li, lt, lu, lv, ma, mk, mn, mo, ms, mx, na, name, net, nl, no, nu, nz, org, pe, pl, pt, pw, ro, ru, sa, se, sg, si, sk, st, tc, th, tk, tn,to, tr, tv, tw, ua, uk, us, uy, uz, ve, ws.


We've gotten some feedback that we should provide more templates and examples on how to use SeoTools. To start this, we've moved the cookbook folder to Github. Please submit your templates! The best ones will be featured in a special gallery section on the SeoTools webpage. 


WhoIs and HTTP functions now require a Pro subscription. In return I've removed the much disliked startup window. Please support us by purchasing a subscription.

Get a 14-day trial or Go pro today! :)

Other Fixes

  • UI for managing errors.
  • Google Analytics:View for listing all profiles.
  • Google Analytics: New UI for metrics, dimensions, filters and sorting making it al lot easier to work with Google Analytics queries.
  • Added option to XPathOnUrl to get html output =Dump(XPathOnUrl("",,"//a",,,,"html"))
  • RegexpReplace and RegexpIsMatch now accepts an empty input. (Discussion)
  • Fixed issue with JsonPathOnUrl not being able to parse arrays.
  • Adwords is updated and working again.
  • Removed the GooglePageRank function as it has been discontinued by Google.
  • Fixed broken AWQL in Google Adwords integration.
  • Configurable HTTP timeout in global HttpSettings. Default is 120sec.
  • Removed SEOlytics as they have merged with Sistrix.
  • Added support for TLS connections.
  • Fixed issue with Majestic keywords.
  • Added a Debugger tool (shown in debug mode) for Connector developers.
  • Updated Metrics and Dimensions in Google Analytics.
  • New String generator tool. Located under Strings. Very useful if you're a Razor ninja.
  • Fixed issues with wizard configs.
  • Updated the Adwords API. 

Dowload the latest version of SeoTools!