Long time since last update. Thank you for being patient with the rebuilding of our most popular connector, Google Analytics. We have a good mix of new features, connectors, and functions in this release.

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This menu will make it a lot easier to work with connector formulas when recalculations are both time-consuming and costly. In the above example, I've extracted json strings and some cells returned error because I didn't add enough delay between requests. I don't want to recalculate everything because each request costs money and it is not practical to manually update each cell. The recalculate method solves this with a single click.

New features in new release

New Connectors

Updated Connectors

  • Google Analytics - Rebuilt to Google Analytics 4.
  • Mailchimp - New view: Member activity.
  • Yahoo Finance - New views: Major Holders Breakdown, Key Executives.
  • Spotify - New fields about album and track releases.
  • DataForSEO - New view: Backlinks. Google SERP uses LIVE view instead of cached results.
  • RSS Parser - Added support for podcast feeds.
  • Search Console - New view: Inspect: View the indexed, or indexable, status of the provided URL.
  • Instagram Insights - New views: Insights Total, Insights Product Type.
  • Sistrix - New view: Keyword SEO Traffic
  • Gmail - Option to extract email message bodies.

New Controls

The advanced Google Analytics controls have been made available for all connectors which means these will be added to existing connectors in the near future. Expect better multi-selection, sorting and filtering with search support.

New features in new release

New Functions

Dowload the latest version!

Please provide feedback and ideas for future releases. Have a great summer!
/Victor & Niels