Long time since last official update! We've got a good one packed with new and updated connectors, added functionality, and bug fixes.

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New features in new release


SeoTools will let you know when a new version is available and upgrade automatically. This is especially useful for organisations and users without admin rights. No need to fetch the IT-guy to enter the admin password for the old installer.

New Connectors

Updated Connectors

  • Google Analytics - Custom dimensions and custom metrics are directly visible in the selection list.
  • Google PageSpeed - Added LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) metrics.
  • Google Search Console - Added News and Fresh Data filters.
  • Google Sheets - Extract a list of all available workbooks with detailed metadata.
  • Ahrefs - New view for extended ref domains statistics.
  • Searchmetrics - Added 'Page Strength' lookup.
  • DataForSEO - Remade to latest version with additional views, metrics, filter and more.
  • Mailchimp - New views for automations and member statistics.
  • Facebook - Additional fields for images, videos, and albums such as video duration, width/height, average watch time etc.
  • Youtube Analytics - Added support for field selection instead of fixed report structures.
  • Spotify - Extract personal statistics such as top tracks/albums.
  • Pipedrive - Updated to latest version with additional filters. Also added support to extract custom fields.
  • Twitch - Get total follower/following count instead of lists.
  • Watson Language Translator - Automatic language detection with confidence level.
  • Microsoft Computer Vision - Detect brands in images.

Updated Functions

  • All functions have IntelliSense support!

Dowload the latest version!

We hope you enjoy this release!
/Victor & Niels