There’s two ways of using/installing SeoTools:

Method A: On Demand

Using this method I add SeoTools functionality every time I need it in a Excel session.

  1. After you’ve downloaded the correct version unzip to a directory of your choice.
  2. Now open a Excel spreadsheet that you want to work with.
  3. Then either:
    • Open the SeoTools.xll (Opening XLL plugins in Excel “augments” the current session)...
    • …or drag&drop SeoTools.xll directly on the Excel spreadsheet your working on. (Note that you must unzip, dragging the xll file directly from the zip file won’t work at all.)
  4. You now get a security message. Click the button to the left that says “Enable this add-in for this session only”.
    Excel security notice
  5. Now your have all SeoTools functions in your Excel environment. In your Ribbon you should see a “SeoTools” tab. Note that you must perform these steps every time you open a Excel document where your want to use the SeoTools.

Method B: Permanent Installation

You can also permanently include SeoTools in all Excel sessions by (Excel 2010): File -> Options -> Add-Ins -> Manager: Excel Add-ins + Go -> Browse -> Select SeoTools.xll.

Note that when upgrading SeoTools from an older version, you may need to remove the previous version under “Add-ins”. Just overwriting the directory isn’t enough. Double check that your get the desired version by running =SeoToolsVersion().

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