In this release we have a bunch of new Connectors that you guys have requested. We also introduce the new Connector Manager where Connectors can be downloaded, installed and updated without having to reinstall SeoTools. There have also been some major updates to the Spider. 

Dowload the latest version of SeoTools!

How Connectors Manager appears in Excel

Loads of new Connectors

Victor and our new colleague Dovydas have been busy with building loads of new Connectors

And as usual we have added loads of new features to the already released connectors.

Most of these new Connectors you need to download through the new Connector Manager. Moving forward we will release new and updated connectors every week through the Connector Manager.

Do yo have a connector that you need to save time for your business? 

New Functions

  • ParseNumber
  • SeoToolsGetConfig (experimental)
  • SeoToolsSetConfig (experimental)

Other Fixes

  • Improved UrlEncode, UrlDecode and HtmlEncode to support full unicode character table.
  • Added removeEmptyEntries option to StringJoin.
  • IntelliSense for all SeoTools functions.
  • Spider:
    • Fixed memory leak and improved speed.
    • New "Range" mode where you can select list of urls from your workbook.
    • Spider now doesn't crash when finding binary files.
    • Fixed serveral other issues.
    • Spider columns can now return multi-row output. For example XPathOnUrl can now return all the values that matches an xpath.
  • KeywordDensity now handles numbers in the same way as letters.
  • Fixed issue with bulk adding proxies in HttpSettings.
  • Added case sensititive option to RegexFind functions.
  • Fixed problem with UnshortUrl not generating a timeout exception.
  • Optional parameter to control case sensitivity in RegexpFind.
  • All UI is now build for retina displays.
  • In the task pane wizards there's now an utility in the text boxes to select a cell reference.
  • Fixed issues when using Dump and Connectors that return values that begin with '='.

Dowload the latest version of SeoTools!

Best regards!

/Niels, Victor & Dovydas