• Domain age
  • Domain competitors SEM - Delivers the domain’s SEM competitors.
  • Domain competitors SEO - Delivers the domain’s SEO competitors.
  • Domain overview - Delivers an overview on the current KPIs for the domain.
  • Domain PageRank - Delivers the Google PageRank of the domain. If the “history” parameter is set to “true”, you will receive all past results along with the current results.
  • Domain social overview - Delivers the number of current votes on the three largest social networks (facebook, google+, and twitter)
  • Domain social URL - Delivers the number of votes for a single URL on the domain. The data is divided by social network. If “history” is set to “true”, the complete history of the URL will be shown.
  • Keyword domain SEO - Delivers the domain’s keywords found within the organic Google ranking are displayed. If the
  • Keyword SEM - Delivers the AdWords ads for the keyword.
  • Keyword SEO - Delivers information about the SERPs of the respective keyword
  • Keyword Universal Search - Delivers Universal Search integrations within the SERPs.
  • Links link target - Delivers a list of the top link targets for the domain in question.
  • Links link text returns a list of the top link texts for the domain in question.
  • Links list - Delivers 10,000 of the most well-known backlinks for the domain in question.
  • Links overview - an overview of the located backlinks is delivered.
  • Project keywords rankings - Delivers the keywords and existing rankings for an Optimizer project.

API key

In order to use the Sistrix Connector you need an a Sistrix account and an API key.

  1. Go to API in the top right drop-down menu:
  2. Create a new API and use it with SeoTools!


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


Official Documentation

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