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  • Index Data - Returns various statistics about one or more URLs.
  • Backlinks - Returns information of the backlinks at domain, subdomain or URL level. Filter by:
    • Maximum best URLs from any ref domain
    • Maximum same source URLs
    • Topic
  • Anchor Texts - Returns Anchor text for a given domain, subdomain or URL. Filter by:
    • Anchor Text
  • Hosted domains - Returns domains co-hosted on known IP address or domain.
  • Keywords - Returns phrase/broad counts for a list of supplier keywords.
  • New & Lost backlinks - Returns new and lost backlinks in a date range. Filter by:
    • Date Interval
    • New Backlinks
    • Lost Backlinks
  • Top Pages - return one or more URLs from root domain or subdomain.
  • Topics - Returns Topical Trust Flow data.
  • Search by Keyword - Returns Search data for a given keyword.
  • Referring Domains - Returns information about the relationships between domains.
  • Link Profile Graph - Returns the data used to generate link profile graphs.
  • Subscription Info - Returns information about your personal usage and available credits.


This connector suite is open-sourced on GitHub.


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