This feature requires SeoTools Pro.

Ahrefs rank

Quickly retreive the Ahrefs rank for a set of urls. This is aquick way to assess the quality of a set of urls.

Retrieve backlinks for a url.

Domain Rating

Quickly retreive the domain rating for a set or urls.


Retrieves metrics for a url.

Available metrics:

  • backlinks
  • regpages
  • pages
  • text
  • image
  • sitewide
  • not_sitewide
  • nofollow
  • dofollow
  • redirect
  • canonical
  • gov
  • edu
  • html_pages
  • links_internal
  • links_external
  • refdomains
  • refclass_c
  • refips
  • linkedrootdomains

Note, SeoTools uses the metrics service instead of the metrics_extended service to preserve credits if possible.


Given an url, retrieve anchor texts and backlink counts.


Retrieve additional metrics about a web page.

Available metrics:

  • url
  • ahrefs_rank
  • last_visited
  • http_code
  • size
  • links_internal
  • links_external
  • encoding
  • title
  • redirect_url
  • content_encoding
  • backlinks
  • dofollow
  • nofollow
  • redirects
  • refdomains
  • refclass_c
  • refips

Note, SeoTools uses the pages service instead of the pages_extended service to preserve credits if possible.


Anchors, Backlinks and Pages allows for specifying a filter for what records to retreive.

Example: Only include backlinks that have ahrefs_ranks higher than 10:


Example: Include all backlinks except those that contains the string "seotools":


Order by

Anchors, Backlinks and Pages also allows for specifying the order of the returned records:

Example: Order by ahrefs_rank in descending order:


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