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I've rebuilt Scrapers entirely. They are now called Connectors and can return table values and do all sorts of cool things.
Connectors are written using my XML format and makes it super easy to integrate most HTTP APIs with Excel.

The ones that I've written has been open-sourced on GitHub and I really hope some of you will be inspired and help integrate more APIs. I'll follow up with a post on how to write connectors and some documentation.

New integrations

(All implemented in the new connectors format)

Pro changes

I spend quite a lot of time on SeoTools and to make this a sustainable business I've decided that I need to add more value to the Pro version. Therefore I've decided to make the following changes:

  • To use the Google Analytics integration you now need Pro.
  • All connectors requires Pro (this includes the previous Onpage, Offpage and Social.

I'm also in a few days going to raise the price from €49 to €69 so make sure you upgrade in time.

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  • New Razor() function for string templating.
  • New MdFive() for Md5 one-way encryption.
  • Fixed issues with HtmlTitle().
  • SEMrush:
    • Added Display date parameter to "Domain overview", "Keyword overview" and "Organic results".
    • If you select a database in the view "Keyword overview" the SEMrush command "phrasethis" would be used instead of "phraseall" (consumes less API credits).
  • Google Analytics:
    • Added sampling level.
    • Fixed issue with accounts with a lot of items.
    • Updated MCF dimensions and metrics.
    • Fixed authentication issues.
  • Option to specify encoding in UrlDecode and UrlEncode: =UrlDecode(UrlEncode("åäö";"utf-8");"utf-8") => "åäö"
  • Tool for bulk adding proxies in Http settings.
  • Google Adwords:
    • Option to retrieve search volumes from Google search only.
    • Making sure authentication is remembered between sessions if StayAuthenticated is set to true.
  • Majestic: Fixed problem with "Index data" when sending more than 100 urls in one batch.

Download SeoTools 5.0