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Time for a new release!

SeoTools now ships with an installer making installation and upgrades a lot easier!

Download SeoTools 5.1

Google Search Console

Google actually released a really good API for retrieving search data! Now you can access this directly in Excel with SeoTools.

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Use Google’s Search Console API & Pivot Tables To Supercharge Your Long-Tail SEO


First connector created by William! Implemented most of the Sistrix API. If you're a Sistrix customer, this is the connector for you.

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PhantomJs Cloud

Using this headless browser SaaS you can scrape JavaScript-generated webpages in Excel!

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Stay tuned for blogposts on how to use this new connector.

Other fixes

  • Simple Amazon search connector.
  • Little bit better support for retina displays (more work to come).
  • Fixed issues with Majestic authentication not being stored correctly between sessions.
  • Fixed broken WikipediaLinks connector.
  • Fixed some issues with Ahrefs authentication.
  • Created the Northwind connector as an example SqlConnector. Read more
  • Removed TwitterTweets connector as backing API is no longer available. Read more
  • Updated Google Analytics metrics and dimension metadata.
  • Majestic: EnabledResourceUnitFailover=1 for Index data. Read more
  • Ahrefs: Implemented "Backlinks new&lost" endpoint.
  • Majestic: New "Referring domains" command.
  • Fixed issue with external webpages (like Ahrefs login) not opening in default browser.

Download SeoTools 5.1